Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Occupational health and safety at TAV Airports focus on protecting and strengthening the health, performance, motivation, and productivity of employees in the long term.

Occupational health and safety approach and policies in all Group companies are based on identifying risks, taking preventive measures, and aligning operational processes with these measures.

The minimum requirement in all fields of operation is to comply with national regulations. To go further, the main objective is to reach a zero-accident frequency by applying good practices and international standards. TAV Airports’ OHS approaches are supported by company-specific rules in in-house regulations.

OHS policies throughout the group are established by the OHS Committee, which is included in the sustainability governance structure and has been operating since 2019. The Committee consists of Occupational Safety Experts and Workplace Physicians to give advice and support all affiliates on the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety.

TAV Airports monitors and reports accident frequency rate and accident severity rate indicators through the OHS Committee in order to evaluate its occupational health and safety performance. The formulas and yearly values for these indicators are as follows:






Accident Frequency Rate

(Total Number of Accidents with Lost Workday/Actual Working Hours) x 1,000,000




Accident Severity Rate

(Total Number of Lost Days Due to Work Accidents/Actual Working Hours) x 1,000





All our employees both in and outside of Turkey are provided with regular OHS training sessions in accordance with the local legal regulations.

TAV Airports’ main aim in OHS is to reduce AFR and ASR values every year in a sustainable manner by ensuring continuous improvement. In 2020, there was a major decrease due to reduced working hours as a result of reduced traffic because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TAV supports a wide variety of projects and initiatives in education, sports, and culture as part of its corporate social responsibility approach. Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction form the basis of the Company’s social impact in the regions where it operates.

TAV Ege, HAVAS, TAV Operation Services and Fraport-TAV Antalya hold ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001) Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates.

TAV has adopted a world class human resources policy to ensure the satisfaction and engagement of all its personnel. Striving to be preferred employer in its markets, TAV’s human resources policy is built on occupational safety, comprehensive opportunities for the professional and personal development of staff members, and equal opportunity for all.

We care about our employees to establish a work-life balance. In respect to that, we implement practices such as working from home and flexible working on certain days of the week for employees in positions suitable for flexible working such conditions. In our HQ office all employees can work Fridays out of office while they may also remotely another day of the week subjected to consent of their manager.

Promoting equality and diversity in all of its activities, TAV Airports implements a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, language, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political opinion, ethnic identity, health status, family responsibilities, union activity or membership. In addition, physical discrimination based on factors such as disability or age is unacceptable in the selection and placement process. All employees are treated fairly as part of “equality of opportunity” principle and receive equal opportunity. The principles of the labor law numbered 4857 are pursued, and people under the age of 18 are not employed at TAV except for trainees and all employees are insured. Committing to the goal of increasing the share of women on the Board of Directors to above 25%, the Company attained this goal in 2018.

For a job that has same or equal value, no different approach is taken based on gender. Moreover, applying special protective orders because of the gender of the employee (such as maternity leave, prohibition of working at night) does not create a basis for paying a lower wage.

At TAV Airports, the same wages are given for the same jobs. Remuneration policy includes determining wage management principles, to be implemented at the Holding and its Affiliates that are fair, consistent, balanced with the responsibilities taken and competitive with the market.

Remunerations are managed by evaluating the value added to the corporation by the jobs regardless of the titles of the employees. In order to determine the wages for the positions in a balanced way according to the added value provided by them, they are evaluated by looking at job definitions and organization structure. After the evaluations, positions are placed within the “Company Level” structure. Experience, seniority, performance and productivity are also factors that affect the process of determining the wages of the employees.

The Company gets involved in several wage researches every year in order to follow the developments in the markets and to maintain a competitive financial position in the market. Acquired market data are analyzed, and based on the value of the job, wage scales are created within the Company Level structure by also considering internal balance.

During selection and placement process, before hiring from the outside of the Company for an open position, the job posting is first announced within the group, if applicable. Intra-group transitions are supported by ensuring communication with the HR managers. By posting the announcement in “Open Positions at TAV” section found in TAV Portal, internal applicant process is supported. In addition, internal promotion process is supported within the framework of rules and standards determined under the scope of talent management and development planning processes.

Employee turnover rate differs among the Group companies, and the 2021 year-end average was determined as 8%.

At TAV Airports, trainings are organized through the online education system that integrates 16 thousand people and which has TL 15.84 cost per employee, in total 253,440 TL for one year. An Employee Satisfaction Survey is done once every two years. Average satisfaction rate was measured as 71.9% for 2017, 77.2% for 2019, and 88% for 2021.

In 2022, with the certification target, the Great Place to Work efforts were initiated with the involvement of all of our companies.

TAV Airports is a board member of the Woman in Technology Association (Teknolojide Kadın Derneği)  which continues its efforts to help people discover their own potentials; to educate curious, inquisitive, productive and self-confident technology specialists and help them find their place in the business world; to train and empower women who are few in number and who do not have the motivation to pursue a career in order to ensure diversity of employees in technology and help women work in this field.